Greetings to you, fellow journeymen. We are so glad that you are here!

Come glean with us as we gather the fresh harvest of God’s revelation and word. "Look around you. Vast fields are ripening and are now ready for harvest" John 4:35b (New Living)

We are passionate in our worship of the one true God. In unity, we press for the Corporate Anointing. Come with us as we follow the light of God’s love.

Fresh Harvest Ministries has been called and appointed by God with a sphere of influence in Illinois, Missouri, Florida and the nation.

Our call to the United States of America is to restore her Christian roots, her true identity in the world, and her destiny as planned and ordained by God.

Check out our Fresh Buds Blog by clicking on the image below. "BUDS" stands for "Believers United Discovering Spiritual truths".